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Carrying Companions is a nonprofit project working in Cambodia to show God’s character by offering hope, love and dignity to Cambodians who have disabilities, their families and communities through friendship, creativity and education. 


One of our goals at Carrying Companion’s is to give people experiences that help them build friendships so they know they have community to support them, learn skills so they can begin to look forward to the future and realize that they belong in this world because they’ve been created in the image of the Living God!  This is done through activities such as visiting our friends in their homes, sponsoring physical therapy sessions at our center and at partner facilities, accompanying our friends when they need to see a doctor, teaching Khmer literacy skills, assisting friends when they need to have official documents written up or adjusted, providing small group Bible study, prayer and worship times… and so much more! 


Each of our friends has unique life experiences, personalities and needs. It is our joy and privilege to be part of their lives!

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